Turboreducer | W Generation

W Generation

Interchangeability solution and high short-circuit torques

The W generation of Zanini Renk turbogearboxes was primarily developed to replace lower capacity reducers while being capable of withstanding high short-circuit torques, maintaining interchangeability with the existing gearbox.

It offers optimized gearings and bearings, providing the market with more competitive equipment for new installations.

Zanini Renk's turbogearbox designs are well-established and highly reliable. Since 1976, the company has supplied over 1000 turbogearboxes with varying capacities, operating in diverse thermal power plants across Latin America.

Turbo Reducer W Generation

  • Ability to withstand high short-circuit torques

    Ability to withstand high short-circuit torques

  • Excellent cost-effectiveness

    Excellent cost-effectiveness

  • Interchangeability with existing reducers

    Interchangeability with existing reducers

  • A more competitive solution

    A more competitive solution

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