The double-drive revolution

Duomax has the best cost-benefit ratio in the market.

Zanini Renk's new drive Duomax, was conceived to meet the critical technological needs of the milling process. Our goal was to create a dual drive system with the ability to individualize the mills without requiring adjustments to the existing installation position or civil infrastructure.

Duomax stands as Zanini Renk's most customizable speed reducer, streamlining the transition process without significant infrastructure adjustments during the drive and peripheral component replacements, such as high-speed reducers and turbines. Our robust solution not only reduces installation time and costs but also mitigates unforeseen challenges.

Despite being an age-old technology, the main wheel of a sugar-mill has seen minimal evolution over the years, resulting in escalating maintenance expenses, the necessity of specialized teams, and gear restoration at the end of its lifespan. Complex disassembly and reassembly procedures demand prolonged downtime and substantial expenses due to unplanned shutdowns.

Mills employing Duomax experience significantly reduced maintenance costs during downtime. Moreover, Zanini Renk's drive technology effectively minimizes unscheduled process disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted mill productivity.


  • High plant reliability

    High plant reliability

  • Low maintenance cost

    Low maintenance cost

  • Use of existing civil work foundation

    Use of existing civil work foundation

  • Possibility of individualizing 3-roll mills

    Possibility of individualizing 3-roll mills

  • 100-percent compliant with NR-12

    100-percent compliant with NR-12

  • Reduced labor costs

    Reduced labor costs

  • Safe operation

    Safe operation

  • Use of existing peripherals (turbine, high speed reducer, etc.)

    Use of existing peripherals (turbine, high speed reducer, etc.)

  •  No environmental risks

    No environmental risks

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of some projects

Constructive features of the project

  • 01.

    High-precision machined housings ensure alignment between gearbox shafts and high gear engagement reliability.

  • 02.

    Ground teeth and microgeometric corrections provide full contact of the load.

  • 03.

    Forced cooling and lubrication system provide engagement and bearings with clean, cooled oil, thus increasing the assembly’s working life.

  • 04.

    Rigid housings designed with tools using finite-elements simulation ensure high performance of bearings and gears.

  • 05.

    Possibility of using an electric motor for the double three-roll mill.


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