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Large facilities, large capabilities
manufacture large custom-made parts,
to supply several markets of the Brazilian
capital goods industry made to order.

Zanini Serviços is the operational unit of Zanini Renk with focus on machining and heavy boiler work. It has a production capacity of 300 tons/month and manufacture of large size parts, built to provide several markets of Brazilian industry with capital goods to order.


Tradition in energy applications 
Zanini Turbinas is Zanini’s steam turbine operating unit.

Located in Sertãozinho-SP, the company has the capacity to produce parts of various sizes and provide services in turbo machines up to 50MW by identifying opportunities for improvement in rotating equipment.

Engineering studies and on-site audits are useful tools used by Zanini Turbinas to identify opportunities for improvement. Through retrofits, refurbishments and upgrades, it is possible to extend the useful life or increase the capacities of any manufacturer’s steam turbines quickly and affordably.

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