Subway Railway

Subway Railway

Homologated supplier of the main subways of Brazil and New York.

Zanini Renk also has a team of engineers prepared to develop analyses to meet heavy service demands (rotation and temperature), and extend the service life of gear systems.

Equipment for the railway market, meeting a variety of application such as: reducing boxes, pinions and gear systems. Technical evaluation and reproduction of gears with added engineering, calculation, and redimensioning.

Nossos Equipamentos

Over 1.500.000 travelled kilometers with no wastage

Gears and pinions railway market locomotive’s gear reducers

  • Metrô São Paulo
  • Metrô Rio de Janeiro
  • Transferro
  • CFN
  • Ferroban
  • ABB/Betim
  • MRS Logística
  • Manser
  • Cosipa
  • CST
  • MRS Logística
  • Petrobrás
  • Siemens

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