Planetary Gearbox | for Diffusers

Planetary Gearbox
for Diffusers

Proven technology for sugarcane diffusers

Since 1985, Zanini Renk designs planetary gearboxes to drive sugarcane diffusers. Reliability and robustness of these gearboxes led the company to be the leader on the market, with several drivers installed in the Americas and Philippines.

We have introduced all the technological advances achieved in the Revolution Planetary into planetary gearboxes for sugarcane diffusers.

Today, more than 90% of the plants that operate with sugarcane diffusers demand the reliability of Zanini Renk's planetary gearboxes.

Planetary Gearheads for Diffusers

  • Reduced maintenance cost

    Reduced maintenance cost

  • Design optimization

    Design optimization

  • Application of noble materials

    Application of noble materials

  • Assured reliability

    Assured reliability

  • High precision machining

    High precision machining

  • Innovative technology

    Innovative technology

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Constructive features of the project

  • 01.

    Highest torque density on the market.

  • 02.

    Adequate stress distribution, guaranteeing component performance.

  • 03.

    Developed from computer simulations to contain failures observed in planetary gearboxes.


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