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The Ethics Channel is a manner of contact available for all employees of Zanini Renk, clients, vendors and Community The Channel exists for reports of suspicion of fraud, misconduct or any fact that goes Against the values and principles of the Company. If you have something to report, get into contact over the Ethics Channel.


It is simple, safe and anonymous. You can trust!

Our Ethics Code

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Letter of the President

Ethics, integrity and transparency Always were fundamental values for our Company and have supported our actions during these more than 40 years of existence, We are very proud of our history and will continue working strongly for these values to remain alive and permanent now and in the future.

Mission, Vision and Values

The mission of Zanini Renk is to grow consistently, guarantee the continuous movement of the business of our clients, increasing competitiveness, creating value for the partners, ensuring achievement for the involved people and sustainable growth of the community, with social and environmental liability.

Duty of Compliance

All employees of Zanini Renk have the duty to comply with the laws effective in the Country. Moreover, we shall abide by the norms, policies and internal procedures of the Company, including this Ethics and Conduct Code.