Dedicated cell | bevel gears

Dedicated cell
bevel gears

The state of the art technology for conical
 gears and reducers now present in Brazil.

High-performance gears

The power, durability and operating availability of high-load machines starts with their transmission. The more accurate the combination of gears between themselves the longer the transmission’s working life and performance. The precision of the gears produced is so high (DIN Class 1-4) that they do not need to be individually adapted to each other. This is why bevel gears and reducers are found all over the world in the most demanding industrial applications, such as mining.

Since the 70’s Zanini Renk has specialized in the production of special speed reducers for the naval industry. All the tradition and expertise of the naval drives engineering teams has been transmitted and updated to attain top precision of bevel reducers, spiral bevel gears and custom-made part prototypes.


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